Tibia Multi IP Changer [7.1-10.38] already updated!

Apart from the official servers there is a possibility to get access to the privates one, to do it you need Tibia IP Changer. They're host on professional servers so you can play 24/h without problems. Of course some of them are host on privates laptops, so you need to read the description to choose wisely. Some servers are with sms shop, where you can buy a lot of items for a few pounds. Of course you don't need to do it, you can earn everything in the game. IP Changer allows you to join that servers, it's completely free and safe so you don't pay or worry about anything. What profits it brings to you when you use it?.

Why Tibia IP Changer is considered by many to be the best program:

  • In a few hours you can reach 100 level,
  • You do not have to pay for tuition spells,
  • You have a dream house,
  • You can make a great gilldie,
  • You can take along with their friends power on the server,
  • You can explore the unknown land,
  • In a few days you can be the best player on the server,
  • You can get a whole new items,
  • Premium Account you can buy for a nominal sum of GP,
  • You can use different types of bots,
  • Collect better loot from hunts,
  • Discover the world of Tibia again,
  • Impress all your quickly gained experience,
  • Get a high level sword, magic level, etc.. in a very short time,
  • Tibia IP Changer is completely free.

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